Anthony Golden

Doing what you need done to get to Number One

Creating Captivating Content to Capture Clients  


Hi, I’m Anthony, a SmartBlogger Certified Content Marketer, based in Milano, Italy.  

With a background in both the Display and Exhibition Industry (22yrs) and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL, 23yrs).

(+2 years Living, Working and Studying in Spiritual Communities).


What I can do for you :

  • SEO, optimised content capable of ranking on Google Page 1.
  • Customer orientated articles with the direct intention of engaging and holding searchers seeking your Keywords.
  • In-depth researched Ultimate Guides, ‘How to’ and ‘List’ posts or whatever you need done to have a shot at the Number 1 Page.
  • Honouring deadlines is an essential part of my work experience.

The Process that I follow:

  •   Create a Content Brief so that you and I are completely aligned as to what you want and what I will deliver
  • Ensure that the Content will make:
  •  Google Happy (SEO, Optimised, Original) 
  •  You Happy (all your essential points) 
  •  Your Future Prospects Happy and wanting to engage. 
  • In-Depth Analysis of any competitors that you may have, of which I will share an overview with you.
  • Outline of the work that I’ll be producing for your evaluation and feedback.
  • On agreement to go ahead, I’ll produce a first draft to make sure that  all the right points have been made  for you. 

Why Use Me?


The background in Display and Exhibition coupled with the  TEFL experience (primarily in-company) has given me valuable insight into what clients need to get their desired results.

Both of these areas  require a particular focus on the use of language e.g. clear, precise and capable of delivering the correct message.

The time spent in Community living was focused on alternative practices for health and mental well-being and developing a stronger, natural empathetic awareness.

Beyond that, my cat thinks I’m the bee’s knees.

Anthony G.


Topics: Alternative Lifestyles, Health and Wellbeing, Self Improvement, Spirituality, Teaching English(TEFL).
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