Anna Prims Vicario

I write high-quality, SEO driven content that creates results and has your audience coming back for more

Content written for a purpose isn't random. One doesn't just sit down, write something and publish it and then sit and wait to see what happens. That is a recipe for failure, and definitely not what you will get from me.

I'm located in Denmark and have several years of experience in the healthcare, online marketing and education industry. I have experience writing copy for websites and I have written articles for some publications in Spain, where I'm from.

What I do

I write carefully curated content that connects with your audience and seduces Google at the same time. I have a knack for putting myself into people's shoes, and I deliver work that talks to the soul of your readers, all while ensuring that I also give search engines what they want.

Nothing is left to chance. I always do a thorough competitive analysis of the top results and strategically plan all that needs to go into the article to make sure it's ready to challenge the current Google ranking.

It's a delicate balance. Content needs to have some personality to stand out, and you don't want it to be too obviously written for SEO, like those websites that use the target keyword over and over until you're just sick of it.

I offer you quality writing that will make you and your audience happy, even if your goals aren't the same.

How it works

After you get in touch with me, we will discuss the project so I can understand your goals and we will establish a clear timeline for completion. After doing the competitive analysis I will create a detailed outline for you to approve before I move on to writing a draft.

Good communication is really important to me and you can expect a constructive dialog from start to finish.

If you're interested in working with me, just email me to schedule a time to chat about how I can help you. You can expect an answer from me within 24h.

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