Angelina Christine

Content Marketer, Business Leader and Personal Finance Nerd | Relevant and Engaging SEO Driven Content

I’m Angelina, a multi dimensional powerhouse; certified content marketer, professional accountant, and personal finance nerd. With fifteen years of business experience and a track record as a successful senior business leader and director, I bring professionalism, accountability and commitment to everything I take on.

I leverage my corporate persona to write high quality business, governance, management and personal finance content, including B2B content, business plans, whitepapers and articles. I pride myself on thorough research and presenting content in a fresh, relevant and engaging way. 

My process involves understanding your goals and setting every project up for success by finalizing a content brief, including a detailed outline, before I write a single word. I am a voracious researcher and will plan and deliver your content only after I know what it takes to beat the competition. You will receive your copy edited draft on time and in accordance with what we’ve agreed.

I will be a valued partner that cares about your project’s success as much as you do. My writing is always focused on your needs, what it takes to increase visibility with Google and what will add value and keep readers interested. 

I also have a creative persona that keeps me balanced and has led me to write about topics like simple and frugal living, home organization, natural health and parenting.

If you’re looking for a responsive, professional writer who holds herself to exceptionally high standards, let’s connect and talk about your requirements.

You can view samples of my work here:

Frugal Living Ideas That Will Save You Money and Make You Richer in 2020

Topics: Governance, Business, Finance, Risk Management, Internal Control, Business Systems, Personal Finance, Simple Living, Natural Living, Health and Wellness
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