Amy Geist

Compelling, clear, "keyed-up" content that boosts results and customer engagement

I'm Amy, a freelance content writer from Colorado. With 8 years in enterprise software sales and another 15 raising kiddos while launching several “second acts,” I have a plethora of practical and professional experience. Whether the topic is sales and marketing, education, starting a business, home renovations, I can be your go-to gal.

I write about:
B2B: digital marketing, SaaS, technology
B2C: health & wellness, DIY, direct-to-consumer DNA testing, personal growth, female entrepreneurship

What I can do for you:
I’ll increase your web traffic with superior, SEO-optimized content written in an engaging, relatable, conversational style. I’m succinct and clear; I wouldn’t dare use eight words when three would suffice.

I specialize in:

  • long-form blog posts & ultimate guides
  • ghostwriting
  • rejuvenating/repurposing tired old content

My method:
Unless you’ve created your own, we’ll collaborate on a detailed content brief for each project. Then I’ll conduct competitive research and finalize an outline for your review. From there I’ll create an initial draft with up to two revisions before submitting the final draft.

Why me?
I’ll be honest. People like working with me. I’m responsive, upfront, organized, I meet deadlines, and I’m nice. Plus I'm a darn good writer.

And since my goal is to build long-term client relationships, I make sure you’re beyond satisfied. I take care to learn your voice, process, and editorial guidelines so we hit the ground running with future projects.

Here are a few writing samples:

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Email me and let's get started on your next project.

Topics: digital marketing, SaaS, technology, health & wellness, DIY, consumer DNA testing, personal growth
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