Adam Hillis

Do you know what you need from a writer? I can do that.

Why are you here scrolling through writers?

My guess is you are wanting to attract clients to your product or service, get noticed, or be seen as a leader in your industry. You think a writer can help you get there.

Do you also fall into one (or more) of these categories?:

  • As your business grows, time to do the writing yourself dwindled.
  • Writing isn’t one of your strengths. As a smart business owner you want to outsource for higher quality stuff.
  • You paid for writing services before, but weren't impressed. Now you’re scrolling in hopes of finding something better.
  • You know the product or service you offer is awesome, but you’re struggling to get noticed and sell it.
  • The business is growing, but it should be growing more, or faster. You don’t feel like you have the authority in your space that you should.
  • You simply don’t like writing

My name is Adam Hillis, and I love to do that thing you need. I write.

And I’ve learned from some of the best in the industry.

I earned my Content Marketing Certification from Jon Morrow and Smart Blogger (Google him).

I am also a Certified Direct Response Copywriter through Ray Edwards International (Google him too).

Put simply, I write words optimized for Google that give you the opportunity to rank; gain influence, authority, and notoriety; and (if you want) copy to sell your product or service.

  • Words that take your business where you want
  • Words to boost sales and increase influence/authority
  • Words that build trust in your brand so you can sell your product or service

You no longer have to carry the burden of crafting content, figuring out SEO, and writing sales emails. You do what you do best, and I'll do what I do best.

The bulk of my working life has been spent in the non-profit sector (both religious and non-). Within that industry I’ve assisted Executives, built systems, led teams, played music, run sound, managed databases, trained employees, built budgets, offered IT support, done graphic design, sold memberships, and more.

I’m also a husband and father, which is the area of life that gets the majority of my energy and focus.

My writing skills, wide variety of experiences, and research prowess are ready to serve you and your business.

If you’re ready to add a skilled writer to your arsenal of business tools, and you know how to use what I offer, I’d love to hear more about your project.

Here are a couple writing samples:

Topics: Relationships, Parenting, Marketing, Music, Writing, Non-profit, Faith
Content Marketing Certified - Badge